Energy Deals

Royalty Interest Partnership, LP – Oil and gas minerals.

AMP Fund III, LP – Oil and gas minerals.

CEP Bakken Partners Holdings, LP – Oil and gas working interests.

Buckhorn Minerals II, LP- Oil and gas minerals.

Great Northern Midstream Holdings, LLC – Midstream infrastructure.

Buckhorn Investment Partners I, LP – Oilfield fluids disposal.

Tenawa, LLC – Midstream gas processing facility.

Belridge Energy – Oil and gas exploration and production.

Navitas Global Energy – Oil and gas private and public portfolio.

Mid Energy I & II – Oil and gas.

Hall Houston Exploration III, LP – Offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

Nawab Energy – Oil exploration and production.

Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc. – Oilfield services.

CSI Inspection – Non-Destructive Testing and Oilfield Services.

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