Investment Criteria

Our structure allows us to be flexible in the criteria we use to evaluate opportunities.  As a result, we can pursue opportunities in various industries and assess each investment according to its own merits.  Our funds generally do not have certain time frames with which capital must be returned.  This allows us to take a pragmatic approach of working with management to determine the optimal timeline for exiting an investment.  Our approach provides us the flexibility to structure our deals in a manner different from most other private equity groups.

Colton invests amounts from $500,000 to $20 million of capital into each transaction.  In several cases, where deal size is too large for Colton, we have brought in other private equity groups to co-invest alongside of us.  Uses of investment capital include the following:  growth equity, startup, management buyouts, recapitalizations, acquisition of family-owned or closely held businesses, ownership transitions, corporate divestitures, and special situations such as bankruptcy or debt restructuring.